Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bringing in the Rain, THE RAINBOOT POST

With the weather being what we would call in the rural area of Bloomington, "draught", perhaps looking at some of the cute boots of this season might allow some cats and dogs.

Now, if you can afford it, my particular favorite would be pairing a classic Burberry wellie with its partner, the trench:

at $170, i figure these can be considered trendy for a college girl, but also darling and classy to take with you into your years.

Kate Spade in her wonderousness with the CUTEST little fishies! $130

Here we also have the JCrew Boots of this year starting at $68:

This being a completely different look and feel from the first, it's very sorority, cutesy and more affordable. It also comes in mustard yellow for those wanting to go back to the Paddington Bear appeal.

More JCrew Rainboots include:

There are several others or in different colors when you navigate their website.

Roxy for $50 at Target for the blonde super against the suburb teeny bopper:

If you are looking for affordable:
Target is also starting to divulge its feet into the rubbers starting at $19.99

or if you decide you're too hardcore for rainboots, try these:

If you don't see something you like, I urge urge URGE you to look at brands such as Capelli, Hunter, or Chooka, as they are known for their rainboots, and very reliable.

European site:

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